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LAB3: ConstSpeedMobility

24 Maio 2019, 13:05 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

Unfortunately, the ConstSpeedMobility model was removed from INET. However, it is possible to reproduce its behavior using RandomWaypointMobility. In this case, the following parameters should be used:
speed = xxxx
waitTime = 0
initialX = …
initialY =…

initialZ = …

where xxxx is the speed that you wish to set in the scenario.Note: don't forget that in 2.2, the nodes should start from a grid position, which must be forced by setting the initial positions manually. You can develop a simple script to create this initialization instructions, and then copy/paste into the .ini file.

Invited Talk by NOS: Slides

23 Maio 2019, 15:13

Grading of PI, LAB1 and LAB2

20 Maio 2019, 15:31

Invited Talk by NOS

20 Maio 2019, 14:33

LAB3: DYMO configuration

17 Maio 2019, 18:29

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