Grading of PI, LAB1 and LAB2

20 Maio 2019, 15:31 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

The grading of the intermediate project report, LAB1 and LAB2 was already published.

Invited Talk by NOS

20 Maio 2019, 14:33 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

Please remind that today, the class will be given by NOS, focusing on 5G, V2V and IoT. It will take place in EA4, at 17:00

LAB3: DYMO configuration

17 Maio 2019, 18:29 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

In order to be able to cope with the large hop distances of the 100-node scenario, the default configuration of DYMO must be changed. The following parameters were tested and result on data packet transmission at least from t=8s onward:
**.dymo.maxHopCount = 16
**.dymo.minHopLimit = 16
**.dymo.maxHopLimit = 16
**.dymo.discoveryAttemptsMax = 1000
**.dymo.routeRREQWaitTime = 3s
**.dymo.rreqHolddownTime = 0s

Final Report: Contents and Page Limits

15 Maio 2019, 19:17 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

The final report should include the contents that were requested for the intermediate report (except the results of the Entrepreneurship Challenge, which were evaluated only in the Intermediate Report), corrected and completed in order to reflect the final status of the project.

The final report shall not exceed 15 pages!!!

In order to make the structure more uniform, the following table of contents is proposed (for some projects this may have to be adapted - the students should ask me if they think that this structure does not completely fit their particular project):

1. Introduction
Problem to be solved, objectives of the project, etc.

2. Overall Architecture
System-level description, explaining the roles of the main components (e.g., Sensor/Actuator node, Cloud Server, Mobile App), as well as the data flows between them.

3. Sensor/Actuator Node
3.1. Hardware
Component description and details on how they are connected (e.g. Fritzing diagram).
3.2. Software
Description of the processing node's algorithm (flowcharts or state machine diagrams, together with a complementary text explanation are welcome), as well as message formats.

4. Cloud Server
Description of the platform where it was deployed, offered services and API's, etc.

5. Mobile App
Description of the offered functionalities and respective activity layouts, used libraries, etc.

6. Differences Relative to the Intermediate Report
In case there were later decisions that change what was planned in the Intermediate Report, they should be listed here.

7. System Testing
A short description of the performed tests and respective results.

8. Conclusions
Overall conclusions of the project.

Invited Talks: Reminder

15 Maio 2019, 18:52 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

This year, the invited talks will be the following:

Talk 1) 20th May 17:00-18:30 EA4: Talk by NOS on 5G, including the vision on IoT and vehicular communications. Speakers will be Eng. Paulo Peixoto and Eng. Ricardo Dinis.

Talk 2) 21st May 17:00-18:30 EA1: Talk by NarrowNet, the Portuguese SigFox operator. Speaker will be Eng. Pedro Costa.