For the students who opt to accomplish the Lab part of the course as a standalone project, the Lab will be worth 50% of the grading, which with the averaged with the theoretical part (remaining 50%), which consists of 2 tests. Project assignments will be subject to equipment availability. This year, we count with additional equipment, including Arduino based robot kits, Bluetooth LE beacons, visible light micro-cameras, IR/thermal micro-cameras, water-proof temperature sensors, huge panoply of elementary sensors, etc. You can have a look at the components inventory Excel file.

Here are some proposals

1. Control of epidemic diseases (e.g., flu) in airports.
2. Controlling entry and exit of people in critical facilities.
3. Monitoring and maintaining water temperature in an aquarium.
4. Monitoring and maintaining air temperature around temperature-sensitive electronic devices.
5. Covertly spying indoor criminal activities (e.g., in hotel room) - to be used by the police.
6. Active reconnaissance in indoor SWAT operations.
7. Visual verification of asset damage in harsh industrial environments.
8. Intelligent watering and monitoring of houseplants.
9. Fire detection and extinction in buildings.
10. Monitoring and tracking for outdoor sports activities.

11. More to come... Bring your own idea! We are also open to analyze student project proposals, as long as they respect minimum requirements.