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6 Dezembro 2009, 18:04 João Paulo Salgado Arriscado Costeira

Projects are due 18 Dec 24:00. I'll give a 2h tolerance for congestion prevention!

 You must upload your matlab files (only your code …. No toolboxes !) using the following page


 Put your names email and a zip file with your code.

 About the project the typical image set will be like  the one illustrated by the last movies I put in the webpage. Forget about the first low quality movies where I had to draw those lines to limit the working page. The actual workspace will be the whole page ok ?

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Viel Glück


4 Novembro 2009, 16:49

Final project requirements - Code rules

1 Novembro 2009, 23:45

Turnos de laboratório

20 Setembro 2009, 01:49

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