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Office hours and Test #2

13 Janeiro 2019, 10:41 José Santos-Vitor

 Dear students,
I will have office hours Monday, January 14th at 2 PM (Meeting room Systems, Decision and Control area, 5th floor, North Tower)
You can also audit your Test#1.
Concerning some questions I have received in the last week:
- The minimum grade is applied to the average of the two tests, not individually.
- You are allowed to bring on A4 sheet with formulas. This is not supposed (and not allowed) to be a nano-miniaturization of the slides.
For the Test #2, fill-up the rooms in the following order: -> C01(84 seats), C9 (40 seats), C12 (29 seats)
Feel free to email me if you have any further questions,
José Santos-Victor  

Test audit and next test

9 Janeiro 2019, 13:57

First run after corrections

8 Janeiro 2019, 00:28


30 Dezembro 2018, 20:03

Test and Submission of PIV Projects

2 Dezembro 2018, 18:33

Corpo Docente

José Alberto Rosado dos Santos Vitor



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