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Final Assignment Deliveries

9 Dezembro 2022, 17:04 Miguel Amaral

Dear students,

An updated version of the Syllabus is now available here.

Until the end of 23 December, you e-mail-me the Team Presentation #9 (video) + Final Project Delivery PPT + Final Video/teaser.

You can keep (and adapt if needed) the usual structure in Presentation #9. In order to validate your assumptions/propositions about the best strategy to communicate your product you can still use interviews or secondary data; the difference is that interviews are not mandatory for that session.


Topics case-studies

7 Novembro 2022, 15:08

Seminar on User Innovation today at 6pm Room GA4

4 Novembro 2022, 15:47

Postponing the Individual Case-Study Delivery

27 Outubro 2022, 16:55


3 Outubro 2022, 17:46

Corpo Docente

Miguel Amaral