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Final message / Course Evaluation

27 julho 2022, 10:34 Miguel Amaral

Dear Students, hello.

This will be my last message in our TBE webpage. I just want to thank you all for your very good participation and work developed during the semester.

You had to do many presentations over the last months, to interact with several invited speakers, attend a competition and other events (the entrepreneurial week for example), you had to collect primary data every week, discuss ideas, validate hypotheses, prepare vídeos, develop team work and also individual work.

We used the “flipped classroom” method and active learning techniques which require a lot of autonomy and you did it! You went from zero to a structured idea and ended up with good projects that could be perfectly feasible in the market and cause social impact. In general your final grades were very good. Congratulations!

Let us keep in touch. If you ever need some help or advice about this or other topics please contact me and Prof. Diogo, we will be glad to support you the best way we can and to follow your progress in the job market. Always count on us.

It is very important that you fill the QUC forms with your evaluation of the course. Please do not miss it because it will help improve the course and it is central for my and Prof. Diogo’s evaluation at IST. Complementarily you can send us an email just sharing your thoughts and suggestions about the course.

Regards, we wish you all the best in your personal and professional career

Miguel Amaral

Diogo Gonçalves


25 julho 2022, 13:39


20 julho 2022, 15:09

E.Awards / Final Pitch & Online Voting

7 julho 2022, 09:50

E.Awards - Deadline approaching

20 junho 2022, 15:37

Corpo Docente

Miguel Amaral



Diogo António Fernandes Gonçalves