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14 julho 2023, 00:45 Miguel Amaral

Dear Students,

Thanks for the patience, I am sending you the grades, here.


I have to say Congratulations! Overall, taking into account the complex challenges you tackled, your projects where good/very good (average grade = 16 POINTS).

My general evaluation is that you engaged very well with each other - and with me and Diogo - during the course; you have all participated  actively in classes generating interesting discussions and insights; you developed good team and individual work and came up with creative business ideas. It was a pleasure working with you last  semester!


If you need some additional clarification on the grades please just send me an e-mail today (Friday, 14 jul), until 2 pm please – I  am planning to reply in the afternoon and publish the final grades by the end of the day at the Secretariat.

Miguel / Diogo

Applications to the E.Awards@Técnico – Deadline: June 18th 2023.

9 junho 2023, 02:03

Workshop on Sustainability Now!

2 junho 2023, 15:45

Tomorrow: Workshop by Accenture on “Sustainability and Entrepreneurship” – Room GA2 at 15:30h

1 junho 2023, 20:15


24 maio 2023, 17:11

Corpo Docente

Miguel Amaral



Rui Baptista



Diogo António Fernandes Gonçalves