Aulas TeóricoPráticas

Introduction and central concepts

  • Definition of communication and activities involved in this process
  • Communication skills vs. other personal skills (leadership, teamwork)
  • The importance of communication skills in Engineering
  • Challenges to communication
  • Plagiarism: definition and its types
  • How to prevent plagiarism and to correctly cite authors

Effective Feedback

  • Feedback: Definition, scope and goals
  • Feedback effectiveness: Characteristics and consequences of in/effective feedback
  • Converting general feedback into specific feedback
  • Feedforward: Definition
  • Converting feedback into feedforward
  • How to solicit effective feedback

Non-verbal communication

  • Non-verbal communication: Definition, usage and its areas
  • Mehrabian myth: Non-verbal vs. Verbal communication
  • Consequences of inadequate non-verbal communication
  • Non-Verbal communication good and bad practices

Active listening

  • Active Listening: Definition, benefits and barriers
  • How to promote active listening
  • Verbal techniques of active listening - Paraphrasing, Clarification questions, verbalisation and summarization techniques

Public speaking in the IT world

  • Public speaking: Definition
  • Public Speaking Anxiety (PSA): Definition and impact on speech performance
  • How to involve audience in presentations
  • Importance of structure in presentations
  • How to prepare a presentation
  • How to use verbal and non-verbal communication in presentations
  • How to end a presentation

Questioning techniques

  • Importance and Goal of asking questions
  • 3 types of questions (Open, closed and probing questions)
  • Paraphrasing in questioning
  • The Funnel technique
  • How to use questioning in requirements gathering

Intrapersonal communication

  • Intrapersonal communication: Definition and its impact in our lives and communication skills
  • Negative intrapersonal communication: Definition and consequences
  • How to minimize negative intrapersonal communication