FAQs - Assessment

23 Novembro 2021, 17:54 Sofia Sá


Please check our FAQs regarding assessment here.

Project delivery

15 Novembro 2021, 06:40 Sofia Sá


We can deliver the project now, the issue is fixed by the wonderful FeedbackFruits dev team. Please check if the elements of your group are correct and, if it's not, let us know. Please submit your project today, 15 of November, until 23:59.

Project - Plagiarism issues

13 Novembro 2021, 18:28 Sofia Sá

Hi there!

As noted in the previous announcement, "the project's due date to Monday, 15th of November, at 12:00", because of the Moodle downtime. All the tasks and application tasks are due 25 of November. Application tasks 6 and 7 are almost ready :)

Please note the zero tolerance for plagiarism in the project. This means:

1 – References on the slides/sections indicating clearly where that exact text (direct quotation, with “”) or idea (paraphrase, not changing a word here and there) came from:

-        Use in-text citations (this site helps - or full references in each slide/section

-        If you have several ideas/sentences from different authors in the same slide/section, in-text citations are mandatory (so the reader can tell which idea/sentence came from where)

-        Without this, all your project is plagiarism - it will be disregarded. Presenting a final list of references is not citing authors, as the reader can’t see where you got your ideas/citations from

-        Indicating in-text citations with numbers is not respecting APA norms. This type of reference is IEEE. In-text citations according to APA norms are presented with Author’s last name, Year – (Smith, 2021)

2 – Do present all the references on a final slide/section of your project (if you have opted for in-text citations only. If you use only one reference in each slide/section, you can present only the complete reference there, and in that case, a final list of references in the project is unnecessary)

3 – References document delivered separately from the project – we need it to correct your project and check for plagiarism more efficiently. It does not substitute the presentation of the full references within the project, as your "students" - as Francisco, our Personna, don't have access to the references document. Point 2 and point 3 are separate issues.

Thanks. We are to help if you have any questions regarding this :)


Moodle downtime and delivery delay

13 Novembro 2021, 11:04 Roman Babynyuk

Good morning students!

It has come to our attention that Moodle is down due to a planned (and unbeknownst to us) power cut at the building where it is hosted. The downtime is expected to last throughout the entirety of today, Saturday 13th of November. As such, we will delay the project's due date to Monday, 15th of November, at 12:00, in order to make sure you have plenty of time to turn in the project after the downtime ends.

Impact Measurement: Round 2

12 Novembro 2021, 11:54 Afonso Gonçalves

Dear students, we ask you to fill this cognito forms ( to help us measure the impact this course had in all of us (it won't take more than 3 minutes!)

Feel free to provide your e-mail in the designated box to do so, since it will send your answers to your email. You can then compare your answers from the first week with the ones from this one 🙂

Have a nice day!