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30 Abril 2019, 11:15 Rui Henriques

Thursday (May 2nd) we will receive Prof. Carlos Dias from INSA, a unique opportunity for all, particularly for those who want to be involved with public health in your life ahead.
Friday (May 3rd) we will be visiting the cutting-edge Lab João Lourenço Fernandes @ Taguspark. Be at the IST Shuttle bus stop (near Informática I) by 2pm. We will return in the 5pm shuttle. Wish to see you all.
Homework 4 was published. Our apologies for the delay.

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8 Abril 2019, 19:00


16 Março 2019, 12:01

Visit to ACES

7 Março 2019, 19:57

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Rui Henriques


Bruno Emanuel Da Graça Martins