• HW1 v1 (from Feb 28 to Mar 14)
  • HW2 v1.2 (v1) (from Mar 14 to Mar 28)
  • HW3 (from Mar 29 30 to Apr 11 12)
  • HW4 (from Apr 25 30 to May 9 13)
  • HW5 (from May 17 to May 31)

Partial homework grades (June 3rd)


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1. HW2 v1.2 released Mar 15
Two data points in the chart were slightly moved to facilitate the identification of closest neighbors.On evaluation schema (question 2.1): check slide 69 on biomedical data analysis.

2. Optional report on eHealth Summit
Please deliver 1-to-2 pages with a critical view on the 2 presentations you assist.Do not forget to include a proof of your presence in the summit (e.g. online/physical ticket) to guarantee your grade is released.