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Written Exam - First Date

22 Junho 2020, 23:44 Francisco André Corrêa Alegria

Dear students,

The written exam for the Sensors and Actuators course will be on Thursday, 25th of June at 18:30.
You log in with your IST credentials.
You will have 70 minutes two answer 50 multiple choice questions.
In 2 of those question you have to do some calculations.
Wrong answers are not penalized.You have to choose 1 of 4 choices.
You can go back on the questions of the exam.
This is a closed book exam. 
MOST IMPORTANT: You can not have any other window or application open in you computer. Just one web browser window with the online quiz.
The questions are similar to those in the course textbook at the end of each chapter. 
All chapters are going to be covered in the exam.
At the same time there will be a Zoom session that you must attend with your camera turned on: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/99800778529

If you have any questions during your preparation for the exam you can attend a Zoom class on the same day (June 25th) at 9:30.

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