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Student distribution for the 1st exam

18 Junho 2021, 10:11 Miguel Nobre Parreira Cacho Teixeira

Dear students,

So that we limit the crowding on the exam, next tuesday, I would like to assign those of you with IST student numbers up 89749 to room EA1 and the remaining, those with student numbers above or equal to 89750, to room EA2. Slight adjustments might be needed on site, but I'm guessing this is a good starting point.  

Thanks for your cooperation.
Miguel Teixeira

Doubts class - MCT modules

18 Junho 2021, 09:50

Doubts class - Genomics module

18 Junho 2021, 09:19

Extra class - Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

4 Junho 2021, 15:59

Software instalation

25 Maio 2021, 10:37

Corpo Docente

Miguel Nobre Parreira Cacho Teixeira



Jorge Humberto Gomes Leitão

Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira

Susana Vinga

Tina Keller-Costa