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Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

7 Maio 2019, 11:17 Susana Vinga

The slides for the first Theory class are now available in the folder "Lectures Susana Vinga", along with the protocol for the first Practical/Lab class and corresponding data. All the material for this module will be posted there.

You can now form your group of 3 in fenix, for the submission of this module's report, deadline: 27 May. Contact me immediately if you have any problems.
Wish you all success in this module and that you can learn more about Computational Biology and Data Science!

Grades TP1

11 Abril 2019, 11:36

Practival classes next week

5 Abril 2019, 18:20

Classes next week

15 Março 2019, 12:53

Theoretical classes this week

12 Março 2019, 10:19

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