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Classes next week

15 Março 2019, 12:53 Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira


As we have discussed, next week we will have an extra class which will serve to compensate my unavailability this week. After talking with the person in charge of the MEBiol course, it was decided to extend the usual Thursday class and therefore on THU MAR 21 GFB class will take place from 9:30 till 12 (we can have a break). This will also include a period to clarify questions that you may have concerning your practical reports.

See you there, 


Theoretical classes this week

12 Março 2019, 10:19

Extra theoretical class tomorrow 7/3

6 Março 2019, 10:15

Practical shift registration instructions

19 Fevereiro 2019, 10:18

First class schedulle

17 Fevereiro 2019, 12:10

Corpo Docente

Miguel Nobre Parreira Cacho Teixeira



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