Next week labs and project presentations_Updated

18 junho 2022, 20:49 Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira


This next week the practical classes start at the regular classroom (that is, not in the lab but in the classroom indicated in schedule). We will go to the lab near the end to take the final sample point and also to make measurements of cellular viability.

As for project discussion, this was scheduled for JULY 7th between 3-5pm in the Civil Engineering building (Congress Hall). You will find placards to place your posters (size of the posters A0). In the projects section i've included an example of the sections that your poster should include. Feel totally free to make the poster as you see fit, however, please try to have the different sections indicated. Remember, be appealing in the poster because you will also provide a written text file with your results and discussion. 

The deadline for delivering all the materials (make a zip file containing pdf poster, results&discussion, other computational files relevant for the project) concerning the project is JULY 3rd. I will start corrections on July 4th. 

Report 2B, which you will start in the practical class next week, should be delivered until June 29 (the results of HPLC samples recovered until thus far are already available in the webpage dedicated to lab4) . Of course everything can be delivered earlier. Both submissions are now open in Fenix. 

See you on Monday,