Lab 4 will include one in silico class (lab 4A), one wet-lab class in which you test your in silico predictions (lab 4B, that takes place at LCB lab - 6th floor, South Tower) and one results analysis class (lab 4C). Note that in the end of lab 4A you will need to select three strains to move forward in your lab 2B therefore it is very important that you try to get familiar with the MatLab scripts and programming so that you can use the time in class to discuss the results. You will class 4C to make the necessary calculations obtained from the wet lab experiment. 

You should deliver your written assignment 2A on the same day you make lab 2B. 

Again i call your attention to the importance of trying, to the best of your ability, to perform the computational simulations before the class so that we can use the class to discuss results. 

Let me know if you come across issues or questions,

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You can collect the results from the HPLC analyses performed with all collected samples until so far from the files below. More files should appear in the upcoming days as we run the remaining samples. To access the data for calibration curves check HERE.

Notes - Each sample is identified with day, group and strain (e.g. 1D 3T G1 wt - 1st day, tuesday afternoon, G1 wild-type). 

HERE you can find chromatograms and peak areas for the first samples (i've updated this since some samples were missing!)

HERE you can find chromatograms will almost all samples collected until yesterday

HERE and HERE you can find the last batch of samples.

HERE you find the weights that were taken today Jun 16.