HERE you can see the tutorial video that i have prepared and that makes a brief presentation of the different projects. You also can see the text of the projects in this section. 

You will select your top 3 favourite projects here. Taking into account your preferences i will make project assignments. Please try to have your preferences filled in until the end of Friday so that we can start working on projects afterwards. 

From week 4 onwards we will have online tutorial classes (i am thinking 30 minutes each) which will be basically time that I am allocating in my schedule to meet with students from different groups and have the projects moving forward. This is actually more productive than long and boring email exchanges.

I here again remember the moments associated to these projects:

1. Pitch, 7 min max + 3' questions (each group will present the background of their project along with objectives. You will use the text description of your project along with accompanying papers)

2. Poster presentation of the project +  discussion (each group will have its poster presented in an afternoon, you discuss with all your colleagues their results, your results, etc). After this each student will be assigned a different challenge that you will try to solve based on the strategies you have discussed and seen with your colleagues.

3. Written discussion of your project results. You deliver on the day we will have the posters presentation. Here you just describe the results obtained while implementing your projects as well as the discussion of them. 

The different posters for the different projects are available for consultation below:

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
Project 5
Project 6
Project 7
Project 8
Project 9
Project 10
Project 11