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Two announcements

14 Dezembro 2018, 16:55 Nuno Santos

Dear students

1. I've updated the schedule of the project discussions. Please check out if everything is correct and let me know if you spot any mistakes. Unless you get in touch with us until Monday, I'll now assume that every group is available to attend the discussion at the currently assigned slots. Early next week, I'll publish more detailed information about the location of the discussions.

2. Due to some maintenance operations at INESC-ID, the server where the pcap files of lab 3 are hosted might be unavailable over the weekend. In order to give you access to those files, we've replicated that content to an alternative location. You can find links to those files right here: lab3-pcap1.pcap, lab3-pcap2.pcap, and wf.tar.gz.


Important announcements about the labs

10 Dezembro 2018, 13:05

Lab 3 deadline

3 Dezembro 2018, 18:24

Lab 3 assignment is out!

26 Novembro 2018, 14:48

Lab 2 deadline until Monday

22 Novembro 2018, 18:21

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Nuno Santos



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