Special Exam (Época Especial) Room

31 Agosto 2020, 23:31 João Coelho Garcia

The special exam ("época especial") room at Taguspark will be 1-2.

Second Exam Grades

18 Julho 2020, 02:09 João Coelho Garcia

The second exam grades are available in the "Exams" section.

Second Exam Starting Time

9 Julho 2020, 15:23 João Coelho Garcia

The second CMU exam on the 13th of July (next Monday) will start at 9:30 and not at 8:00 as is posted in Fenix. It have a similar format as the first. It will have two parts (moodle tests) of about 25 minutes which will be accessible in You will have to join a Zoom session (the link is in the exam section of the site and keep your mic and camera open during the exam) during which you will get the password for the moodle tests.

Papers for the second exam

3 Julho 2020, 12:00 João Coelho Garcia

The papers that will be covered in detail in the second CMU exam (besides all of the lecture contents, of course) are:

- Mobile Device Security Using Transient Authentication
- Radiator - efficient message propagation in context-aware systems

First Exam Solved Version Available

27 Junho 2020, 12:44 João Coelho Garcia

The solved version of the first exam is available in the "Exams" section.