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Project Demo & Discussion

1 Junho 2020, 17:24 Luís Pedrosa


As many of you may know, I have been having problems running the class projects on my computer which has delayed the process.

To avoid further delays I'm scrapping the idea of running all of the projects on my system and we'll go ahead with an interactive demo, much like what we did for the project checkpoint. We will also do the project discussion at the same time so, in addition to seeing your project run via screen sharing on Zoom, I'll also ask questions from each of the group members to adjust individual grades as needed.

Please schedule your slot on Doodle. I'll send out the Zoom link separately by e-mail.

Thanks you.

-- Luis D. Pedrosa

Project Submission

15 Maio 2020, 16:14

Added Beacons to Food Service Table

8 Maio 2020, 14:43

Project Report Template

7 Maio 2020, 00:43

Project Food Service Data

5 Maio 2020, 19:35

Corpo Docente

João Coelho Garcia



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