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Exam Papers & Questions

2 Junho 2019, 23:17 João Coelho Garcia

The CMU exams will cover the contents of the lectures (excluding in depth questions on most of the presented papers).  The exams will include detailed questions the following papers:
- 9, "Data Staging on Untrusted Surrogates"
- 11, "Service Location Protocol: Automatic Discovery of IP Network Services"
- 20, "Mobile Device Security Using Transient Authentication. "
- 26, "Where is the energy spent inside my app?"
 - 36, "No Need to War-drive: Unsupervised Indoor Localization"

They may also include questions about the conceptual issues involved in the project.

Lab Grades

1 Junho 2019, 09:42

Project Discussions: Update!

28 Maio 2019, 12:29

Project Discussions

27 Maio 2019, 15:06

Guidelines for project demonstration

21 Maio 2019, 10:28

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