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Min-EI 2021 > Min-Ei 2021 > Desenvolvimento de Produto

DFAIEP2007 > DFAIEP2007 > 3º Ciclo > Desenvolvimento de Produto

DEALIT2007 > DEALIT2007 > 3º Ciclo > Desenvolvimento de Produto



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Carga Horária

1º Semestre

2.0 h/semana

138.0 h/semestre


- Competence with a set of tools and methods for product design and development required to facilitate interdisciplinary problem solving and decision making - Gaining confidence in ones abilities to create and assure the industrialization of a new product. - Awareness of the role of multiple functions in creating a new product (e.g. marketing, finance, industrial design, engineering, production). Students will be led through the design process and connect the theory to applications. Students will learn real-world examples of today's design and manufacturing environments. - Ability to coordinate multiple, interdisciplinary tasks in order to achieve a common objective.


1. An overview of development processes and organizations 2. Product planning 3. Identifying customer needs 4. Product specifications 5. Concept generation 6. Concept selection 7. Concept testing 8. Product architecture 9. Industrial design 10. Robust design 11. Design for Manufacturing 12. Prototyping 13. Product development economics 14. Managing product development projects

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Product Design and Development

Karl Ulrich and Steve Eppinge