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Annual Meeting of Master and PhD in Petroleum Engineering

18 Maio 2017, 09:47 - Paula Cristina Martins Marques Santinho

The Master in Petroleum Engineering, IST, is a Master of Sciences program offered by Instituto Superior Técnico since 2012. This program spans 4 semesters where, during the first two, the students take up to ten courses, taught in English, and, after a six-month internship in oil companies or research centers, an individual thesis is developed.

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Prova de Doutoramento em Georrecursos

10 Maio 2017, 09:22 - Paula Cristina Martins Marques Santinho

Candidato: Hamid Sabeti

Título da Dissertação: "3D Stochastic Seismic Inversion for Spatially Non-Stationary Environments in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs".

Data: Dia 10 de maio de 2017

Hora: 14:30h

Orientador Científico: Prof. Amílcar de Oliveira Soares

Local: Sala 4.41 (Piso 2 do Pavilhão de Civil do IST)

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