Daniel Guedelha, Senior Brand Supply Chain Expert at Novartis, Basel

«The Biological Engineering course at Técnico was an excellent tool to develop my personal and professional skills. I believe the engineering know-how together with the biological concepts gave me a great advantage and flexibility to succeed in the pharmaceutical industry. In my professional career I have already held positions in research and development, process engineering, project management and supply chain.» 

Tiago Vicente, Head of Downstream Processing at Redbiotec AG, Zürich

«It goes back to 1999, when I was making my mind what would I like to do next after finishing my high school... It was clear to me I was the kind of rational, analytic guy and I wanted to continue studying; I wanted to master mathematics, but both chemistry and biology also fascinated me. That's when the "Engenharia Biológica", a "licenciatura" held at the IST first came across. I can say now that it was a good choice as it contributed to train and improve my ability, foremost, to solve problems. The course structure and the good majority of the faculty indeed did excel my expectations. Today, working for a biotechnology company abroad, I feel that I'm playing par with anyone in the field and for that I am also grateful to acknowledge the input of my biological/chemical engineering background.»