Update regarding the grades for the exams and the proposed final marks.

30 abril 2023, 18:30 Mário António Ramalho

We would like to provide an update regarding the grades for the exams and the proposed final marks.

Regarding the exams, we have assessed all of the submitted papers and have assigned grades accordingly. We hope that you have performed to the best of your abilities and that you are satisfied with your results. (see file "parciaisex1"  and column "ex01") 

As for the proposed final marks, we have taken into account the grades from the exams as well as other assessment criteria. We have evaluated your overall performance in the course and have determined a proposed final mark that we believe reflects your achievements. Please note that this mark is subject to change pending any further evaluations or adjustments. (acording to "Evaluation Methods")

If you have any questions or concerns about your exam grades or proposed final mark, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

We are here to support you and to help you succeed in your academic journey.

Congratulations to all the students who completed the course! The teaching staff would like to extend their warmest congratulations and wish you all the best for your future endeavors. Completing a course is a significant accomplishment, and we hope that you feel proud of your achievement.

May your hard work and dedication pay off as you embark on your journey towards success. We hope that the knowledge and skills you have gained from this course will serve you well in all your future endeavors. Remember to always keep learning and growing, and never stop pursuing your dreams.

Once again, congratulations, and we wish you a very good future!

Exam tomorrow

27 abril 2023, 19:06 Mário António Ramalho

  • Please get used to the platform (same as Partners, but at a different address) and the exam typology. Pay special attention to the information provided.
  • The first exam will take place this Friday, April 28, from 18h to 20h00, at rooms C09, Alameda campus.
Exame: 1ª Época

  • Room C09 is in the main building right aisle (turn right to the first corridor)

The student should bring their own computer

  • For your formative assessment, you can practice answering some kahoot quizzes, created in previous years, which links are available on the Partners platform, under section Kahoots. Notice that, due to the course new format, some questions may be somewhat out of scope, or some contents (e.g. intelligent vision) may not be covered.

Example exam

26 abril 2023, 11:48 Mário António Ramalho

In the section marks are the marks obtained in the training exam, provided as feedback only). For the students who where unable to attend it is open again.


Exam example

18 abril 2023, 11:39 Mário António Ramalho

An example of the exam will be available online on the Exonline platform tomorrow at 15:00 hours and will remain accessible for two hours. This will provide an opportunity to become familiar with both the exam format and the platform.

The exam do not account for any evaluation, although it can be used as self-assessment. 

Use the credentials from the labs (ISTID mandatory)

Later it will be acessible in open format

Project 2 Statements

13 abril 2023, 13:01 Alexandre Passo Pereira de Athayde

The statements for Project 2 of the course have been sent to the respective groups, including the information about how to deliver the project. Please, ensure that you understand the assignment, and send an e-mail if any help is required.