Exam tomorrow

27 abril 2023, 19:06 Mário António Ramalho

  • Please get used to the platform (same as Partners, but at a different address) and the exam typology. Pay special attention to the information provided.
  • The first exam will take place this Friday, April 28, from 18h to 20h00, at rooms C09, Alameda campus.
Exame: 1ª Época

  • Room C09 is in the main building right aisle (turn right to the first corridor)

The student should bring their own computer

  • For your formative assessment, you can practice answering some kahoot quizzes, created in previous years, which links are available on the Partners platform, under section Kahoots. Notice that, due to the course new format, some questions may be somewhat out of scope, or some contents (e.g. intelligent vision) may not be covered.