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Project and Oral Presentations

26 Maio 2020, 17:25 João Carlos Serrenho Dias Pereira

The grades of the project and oral presentations are available on the Grades section of the web page of the course.

Students without a grade on the oral presentation should send their presentation by email.

The last theoretical class will happen in next Thursday and will be a Zoom meeting. The link for this meeting is available on the Zoom Meetings section of the web page of the course.

Concerning the project, the most common errors are the following:
  • The test pattern to apply for testing the PostOffice class is the non-modal class. This class is non-modal;
  • When implementing the six test cases, the test cases have to correspond to 6 test cases designed previously for the PostOffice class; They should not be some arbitrary test cases;
  • Since the test cases were designed applying the non-modal class test that means that the sequence of get methods used in each implemented test case should vary;
  • When applying the Category Partition test pattern to test the addNewProduct, there are 4 inputs to consider (the product, its price and quantity and the list of existing products) and two outputs (the returned value and the list of products);
  • Finally, there are some values (or categories) that should be marked as error (for instance, an invalid price). This would reduce significantly the number of combinations to consider.

Oral presentations

14 Maio 2020, 15:04

Oral presentations

12 Maio 2020, 15:25

Alterações ao método de avaliação

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