Final Grades

13 Fevereiro 2017, 11:12 Ana Paiva

The final grades are now available in the page.

Social Robotics Workshop: Scheduling

30 Janeiro 2017, 17:19 Ana Paiva

Workshop on Social Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction


1st of February 2017

Tagus Park

Room 1.38


9,30- Welcome and arrival of participants

9,40- Momus - Can our opinions be influenced by an emotive robot, by  Ricardo Costa, Rui Ferreira, & Luís Morais

10,00-  Føle Comfy- A therapeutic robot, by Christine Solberg, Kari Guttulsrud & Jan Behrenbeck

10,20- FailureProof, by Carla Guerra &  Filipa Correia

10,40- 11,00- Coffee Break

11,00 - Could a Robot Be an Authority Figure? - A study on dishonesty by Asgeir Øen Åasnes, Dominika Cupková & Léa Klein

11,20 – Emotibots: Social Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction, by Anisa Shahidian, Luís Freitas, Nuno Fontoura & Alexandre Gordo

11,40- Ahoy - Playing a Game of Pantomime with a Robot by André Silva, Filip Hendrichovsky & Miguel Ribeiro

12,00 - Who is more effective in making a user to take a break: a software or a robot?  Rita Ramos,  Ricardo Lopes, José Corujeira  & Ricardo Martins

12,20 – Co-creation of stories with a robot- Alexis Jacq and Maria José Ferreira

12,40- Discussion and End of the workshop


Social Robotics Workshop: presentations of the projects

18 Janeiro 2017, 11:41 Ana Paiva

Dear students,
The workshop for presenting the final projects with results will be held on *February the 1st in the morning in Tagus Park*. 
We are counting with the presence from all the students in this workshop. If anyone has an exam on that day, please do send me an email concerning this. The workshop's presentation is also part of the evaluation of the work (well, it is part of your projects a bit).  

Each group will have between 15-20 minutes for the presentation.
Please, include a well made video of the work with about 2 minutes (for those that have some videos of the experiment).
Also, send us the title of your talk this week (until the 27th)!

I'm really looking forward to your amazing presentations!

See you soon,

Structure of the Report

21 Dezembro 2016, 09:10 Ana Paiva

Dear students,
Most of you have finished the project and will be submitting the report pretty soon.
Here is the structure for the report:

Abstract (summary of the work and the results)

 Introduction- which should include a motivation for the work, the main idea for the work, the hypothesis, what was developed . It can also describe the structure of the report.

Related work- any other significant and similar work that inspired your work.

The robot and the technical developments- technical description of the work done.

The study- description of the scenario used for the study, the methods used, the results and discussion.

Lessons Learned, Conclusions and Future work.




Classes this week

13 Dezembro 2016, 15:00 Ana Paiva

This week we will have the last two theoretical classes. On Wednesday the class will be in Tagus Park, in room 1.11 (like last week). On Thursday the class will be in Alameda.

See you tomorrow,