Social Robotics Workshop: presentations of the projects

18 Janeiro 2017, 11:41 Ana Paiva

Dear students,
The workshop for presenting the final projects with results will be held on *February the 1st in the morning in Tagus Park*. 
We are counting with the presence from all the students in this workshop. If anyone has an exam on that day, please do send me an email concerning this. The workshop's presentation is also part of the evaluation of the work (well, it is part of your projects a bit).  

Each group will have between 15-20 minutes for the presentation.
Please, include a well made video of the work with about 2 minutes (for those that have some videos of the experiment).
Also, send us the title of your talk this week (until the 27th)!

I'm really looking forward to your amazing presentations!

See you soon,