Social Robotics Workshop: Scheduling

30 Janeiro 2017, 17:19 Ana Paiva

Workshop on Social Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction


1st of February 2017

Tagus Park

Room 1.38


9,30- Welcome and arrival of participants

9,40- Momus - Can our opinions be influenced by an emotive robot, by  Ricardo Costa, Rui Ferreira, & Luís Morais

10,00-  Føle Comfy- A therapeutic robot, by Christine Solberg, Kari Guttulsrud & Jan Behrenbeck

10,20- FailureProof, by Carla Guerra &  Filipa Correia

10,40- 11,00- Coffee Break

11,00 - Could a Robot Be an Authority Figure? - A study on dishonesty by Asgeir Øen Åasnes, Dominika Cupková & Léa Klein

11,20 – Emotibots: Social Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction, by Anisa Shahidian, Luís Freitas, Nuno Fontoura & Alexandre Gordo

11,40- Ahoy - Playing a Game of Pantomime with a Robot by André Silva, Filip Hendrichovsky & Miguel Ribeiro

12,00 - Who is more effective in making a user to take a break: a software or a robot?  Rita Ramos,  Ricardo Lopes, José Corujeira  & Ricardo Martins

12,20 – Co-creation of stories with a robot- Alexis Jacq and Maria José Ferreira

12,40- Discussion and End of the workshop