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Energy Services MOOC

16 Março 2019, 09:34 Carlos Augusto Santos Silva

For those of you that  may want additional insights on energy services in buildings analysis and calculations, this Monday will start the online MOOC Energy Services (SELF-PACED). The course covers 4 topics:

 - introduction to energy systems (definitions, representation and tools)

- Introduction to Energy Services in Buildings  (types of use, overview of energy uses in buildings around the world)

- Space Heating and Cooling

- Hot Water, Lighting and Electrical Devices

 The course is SELF-PACED, so you can join anytime and develop the activities at your own rhythm.


Carlos Silva

Project#1 Clarification

8 Março 2019, 13:51

Lecture Notes

8 Março 2019, 13:34

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