For this course you only need to follow the Reddy book  (evaluation is open-book with this book)

Chapter numbers from Reddy book:
Introduction Chap. 1
2nd ODEs in 1D (and 2D Trusses) Chap. 3, 4
Scalar (Single-Variable) Bidimensional FEs Chap. 8, 9
Vectorial Bidimensional (Plane Elasticity) FEs Chap. 8, 11
4th order ODE in 1D (and 2D frames) Chap. 5 (except 5.3 Timoshenko)
Not strictly adopted, see lesson notes for:
Computer implementation in 1D Chap. 7 we use Matlab/Octave
Computer implementation in 2D Chap. 13 we use Matlab/Octave
Errors Chap. 14.5
Some documents distributed here in portuguese are mainly deductions of formulation and follow the book text. These documents are to support the class, but you only need the mentioned book of Reddy.

06Out * For the test (evaluation) is allowed to bring the Reddy book, slides, form/formulário, calculator, exam sheets but not allowed to have other problem solutions, nor the notes of the classes. Students may annotate the book, slides, form, calculator, exam sheets except to add resolutions in full or in part.