Publicação de Notas

18 Fevereiro 2021, 16:04 Miguel Neves

Marks after revision are now available for a final verification.

Check your marks (item Notas of this webpage) and if not okay contact the teacher today 18Mar.

Tomorrow 19Feb2021 the marks will be submitted to the office

Link for the revision 18Feb 3pm

17 Fevereiro 2021, 21:50 Miguel Neves

For this Thu 18Feb 3pm (15h) we will use the same link of the "MecComp Office hours Fri 15h30m Zoom" (you may recover it from the item  "Problem lessons, shifts s and zoom links"  of this webpage in the file   /20200917v4_Shifts_LinkZoom.txt).

Marks and last revision on 18Feb 15h00 online

15 Fevereiro 2021, 19:20 Miguel Neves

The marks for the Assignment 2 (Work2) as well as the final one are available in the item "Assignment2_deadline3Jan" of fenix webpage of this course.

Check if your final mark is correct (Marks Nfinal=0.5*(Test1 or Repesc)+0.25*Work1+ 0.25*Work2) and if not contact me quickly about it (email upto 18Feb or attend the revision 18Feb 15h online).

The students who need to do a revision of the Assignment 2 (Work2) or "Repescagem" can do it this Thursday 18Feb 15h00 (3pm). Any other situation must contact me if possible previously to indicate their request.

After it, the marks will be submitted to the IST graduation office (prevision: 19Feb2021).

Expected release of work2's marks and review

29 Janeiro 2021, 17:07 Miguel Neves

To be able to prepare everything for online evaluations in two other courses, I had to fully interrupt the assessment of the work2 of this course and now realize that it is not possible at all to give the marks soon (as I mentioned).

My best prevision is to release of marks from the work2 in the next week, be able to make the revisions via online-zoom at the end of the next week or beginning of the next one (of Feb 8th).

In case of any problem from this, contact me.

Marks from "Repescagem" are already available

17 Janeiro 2021, 00:10 Miguel Neves

Marks from the Test1 10Dec2020, Work1 and of Test "Repescagem" are already available at item Test_Repesc of the UC's webpage in the fénix.
Work2 still be in evaluation and soon will be also available (but not before middle/end of the week 18jan).