Very important news about the exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 Janeiro 2021, 20:59 Luísa Coheur

  • The exam will move to online, in a Zoom session (Google classroom)
  • In order to be evaluated, you will need to have your camera and micro turned on during the whole evaluation. However, you can also opt to do the EXACT SAME exam (Google classroom) at Técnico (physical presence both at Tagus or Alameda). For this latter option, please send us an email ( until tomorrow 6PM. If you don't do it, we will assume that you will be online.
  • Either you take the exam online or in IST, you need to enroll for the exam. For the ones that already did it, there is no need to do it again; for the ones that are having problems with it, send us an email  (as always:
  • The exam will be recorded
  • The exam will be divided in 3 parts (and we will start every part at the same time, altogether)
  • You can still bring your A5 page with notes, as explained in the previous announcement (A5 page, bla-bla)

Please, stay safe!