Exam 1 and 2

27 Janeiro 2021, 19:08 Luísa Coheur

Dear students, 

 --> About the first exam:  [grades available: Current grades including the Exam (not final)]
 We cannot express how disappointed (and sad) we are with the exam. It is particularly downhearted to understand that, for some students, pledging by their honor is worth nothing. We detected text snippets extracted from the internet, answers with a dangerously small lexical distance, and many, many questions that were answered with answers from other exams (!). We considered annulling the exam. We just didn’t do it because we still believe that most of you did an honest job. However, you need to understand that you are also part of the problem if you help your colleagues or if you don’t fight against copies. This is why many professores (and students) are against online exams: situations like this diminish the credit given to your grades, to your course and to Técnico. 
Questions about the first exam: Tuesday, 2nd February, 8:00AM—9:30AM (https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/83059455831, passcode:067675). 

 --> About the second exam (4/02/2021, 3PM):

The second exam will be an oral exam (enrolment: Monday (9AM) — Tuesday (11PM)). The final schedule of the oral exam will be sent to you (the exam will take place from 3PM to 6PM, or later if necessary).

Note: this second exam is not mandatory. It is just for students who still need to pass or would like to improve their grades.