FINAL Project

18 Dezembro 2018, 10:46 Carlos Augusto Santos Silva

Dear all,

Here is detailed information regarding the final project, in particular to clarify the objective, the scope and requirements of the final report.

1 - The projects  have to be in groups of two 

2 - The objective of the project is to design a solar thermal system for a any application you want, using the design tool POLYSUN. Examples of possible projects are: domestic hot water supply for a house, domestic hot water and space heating, or even domestic hot water and pool heating. Single houses or multifamily houses projects are acceptable.

3 - The project consists of a report (up to 5 pages) where the following elements must be presents

A - System location and requirements 
B - Technical solution description and justification
C - Technical and financial analysis
D - Sensitivity analysis of most critical parameters (including identification of these parameters)
E - Optimized solution of the system, with discussion

4 - The report should be delivered by email (PDF file), together with the Polysun file of the project.

5 - The project will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

A - Adequacy of the technical solution: 30%
B - Robustness of the solution based on the sensitivity analysis: 30%
C - Quality of Report: 40%

6 - The projects need to be delivered until the second exame date (5.2). Oral discussions may be required to clarify the report.

7 - In January, you are welcome to send an email to set up meetings to clarify any question. 

I wish you all the best

Carlos Silva