Final message / Course Evaluation

27 Julho 2022, 10:34 Miguel Amaral

Dear Students, hello.

This will be my last message in our TBE webpage. I just want to thank you all for your very good participation and work developed during the semester.

You had to do many presentations over the last months, to interact with several invited speakers, attend a competition and other events (the entrepreneurial week for example), you had to collect primary data every week, discuss ideas, validate hypotheses, prepare vídeos, develop team work and also individual work.

We used the “flipped classroom” method and active learning techniques which require a lot of autonomy and you did it! You went from zero to a structured idea and ended up with good projects that could be perfectly feasible in the market and cause social impact. In general your final grades were very good. Congratulations!

Let us keep in touch. If you ever need some help or advice about this or other topics please contact me and Prof. Diogo, we will be glad to support you the best way we can and to follow your progress in the job market. Always count on us.

It is very important that you fill the QUC forms with your evaluation of the course. Please do not miss it because it will help improve the course and it is central for my and Prof. Diogo’s evaluation at IST. Complementarily you can send us an email just sharing your thoughts and suggestions about the course.

Regards, we wish you all the best in your personal and professional career

Miguel Amaral

Diogo Gonçalves


25 Julho 2022, 13:39 Miguel Amaral

Dear Students, 

Finally, after some problems with the excel file (for some reason I lost a lot of information), please find your final grades here

Congratulations, in general, you had a great performance during the semester and it was pleasure to work with you all.

If you need any clarification please email me and Prof. Diogo during today. I plan to publish the final grades and send it to the IST Secretariat tomorrow by the end of the day.

Miguel Amaral


20 Julho 2022, 15:09 Miguel Amaral

Dear Students,

In general your projects are good and you did a very nice work during the semester, congratulations. .We are taking a bit longer to publish the grades, but it is almost done...thank you for your patience, I believe tomorrow it will be finished.

Miguel Amaral / Diogo Gonçalves

E.Awards / Final Pitch & Online Voting

7 Julho 2022, 09:50 Miguel Amaral


Dear Students, I hope you can attend the E.Awards Final Pitch that will take place on the 13th of July at 5pm at IST’s Salão Nobre - Alameda (all the information on the E.Awards here)

One of our Teams - Lighthouse -  is among the 6 final selected projects.

Three of our teams - The You Phone, Ricochete and WeCare - are running for the “Best Poster by Accenture”. There will be an online voting for the best poster - Please just spend 2 minutes and support your colleagues, vote here as soon as possible

Congratulations to all these teams who submitted a project and to all our class  in general, it was a pleasure to work with you this semester and to see your projects developing. 


Miguel Amaral

E.Awards - Deadline approaching

20 Junho 2022, 15:37 Miguel Amaral

Dear Students, with your projects (which are at a very good stage of preparation) you can easily win up to 3500€ without almost any effort. I strongly advise you to participate. Count on me for additional support on this.

Please read the following text and register on the link below.

Miguel Amaral


The best innovation and entrepreneurship projects designed by Técnico students.This contest aims to award the best innovation and entrepreneurship projects designed by Técnico students. 

E.Awards@Tecnico is a competition created with the aim of encouraging, recognizing and disseminating ideas and entrepreneurial and innovative projects created by students of Instituto Superior Técnico.

If you have developed an innovative project in one of the many Entrepreneurship and Innovation course units of IST, or if you have an idea / project that involves the development of entrepreneurship activities then this competition is for you.
- 6 Projects will be selected for the Final Pitch- All projects will be candidate for the Best Poster award

Which are the awards?
Best E.Project by Santander - 1 prize of €3,500;
Honorable Mention by Accenture - 1 prize of 1000€;
Honorable Mention by Armilar Partner Ventures - 1 prize of 1000€;
Best Poster by Accenture - 2 prizes of 500€ each;
Consultancy Hours for the 3 Winning Pitch Projects by Armilar Partner Ventures.

Any questions regarding this program should be directed to: 

Application deadline: June 26th 2022

Follow TT@Ténico:Facebook:

Please Register here for E.Awards at IST