Special Exam-Checking Information and rules

4 Setembro 2020, 12:17 Sohel Murshed

Special Exam-Checking will take place presidentially in IST 

Date: 4th September 2020.

Time: 17:30

Room: V1.24

Exam-Checking rules and information (Read Carefully):

1) Registration for this checking is compulsory by emailing signed checking registration form (available in this section) by 15:00 on 4th September. Only students registered on time will have access to review. 

2) Checking is intended to identify gross correction errors.

3) Checking will take place presidentially in IST(room V1.24) and individually without sharing information/any conversations with other students.

4) Students must consult answers and resolutions available in fenix (Section-Special Exam/Epoca Especial) and bring print out of them as well as review request form (available here).

5) During checking teachers may ask students to write their review request in the <Review Request Form> available in Fenix (attached in this section). It is noted that in the review request, students must describe clearly and succinctly which elements need to be reviewed and why.

6) Any specific review request will be assessed. If it is necessary the entire exam paper (except quiz) will be revaluated and the final grade may remain the same, go up, or go down.

7) Requests for review which are not duly justified, vague or subjective will be rejected.