Dear Students (New Update:6/5/2020 ):

-Updated information about laboratory (#2): Due to COVID-19 situation and closure of laboratory, this year laboratory performance evaluation will be carried out via remote knowledge- test (like quiz) which will consist of MCQ (40%) and answering of some results from provided sample data (60%). As mentioned before you will be provided a VC (zoom/other online platform) of demonstration session on the execution of the experiment directly from the laboratory, otherwise a recorded video (yet to be done) demonstration. It is expected that at least one of these options will be possible to provide. Also besides providing you a complete set of experimental data, a special VC zoom session on laboratory instruction and results calculation will be taken place.

-Although the assessment will be individual through the knowledge test, you will be grouped in order for you to discuss and calculate the results group-wise and to better understand together. Thus group registration will be opened soon. Keep in mind that only registered (grouped) students will be able to take part in the knowledge-test. Also note that those students did last year and had a grade, if they take part this year, only this year grade will prevail (i.e., last year grade will be voided).

Dear Students,

Please read below update (COVID-19 circumstances) carefully

1) So far there is no change in the "Evaluation Methods" of this UC.

2)  We will wait for the laboratory until late May 2020. If the situation doesn?t improve by then we will provide alternative way (like video demonstration of experiment and providing data to each group for the report) for the laboratory execution and assessment. Also note that the number of students in each group may increase depending on the circumstances. Registration for lab grouping will open on 1 week ahead of laboratory experiments.

3) Since Part I (Boiling and Condensation) is about to be completed there will be no change in its content. We will also continue the proposed syllabus for Part II (Radiation). However, if needed some less important topics could be omitted and you will be notified then. Part III (Micro & Nano) will now be taught by 2 lectures (last week of April).

4) Lecture slides and problem solutions as well as any supplementary materials related to the topic will be provided ahead of the lectures.

5) (updated)  From Wednesday (25 March onward) theoretical lecture will start at 10:30 followed problem class starting at 11:30 (for both PB04 and PB05 shifts and using same meeting ID (theoretical lecture) and password). There will be no problem class (VC) on Tuesday. Monday's theoretical lecture will remain at the same time (12:30). 

6) If you have any doubt or concerns, please email to us or even can send message using the Forum thread of the CTC.