Additional labs

18 Setembro 2019, 15:35 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear Network Science students,

As discussed last Monday, we can now confirm that there will be two additional labs available. Thus, you may enrol to one of the following four slots:

• Monday, 15h30-17h
• Monday, 17h-18h30
• Friday, 15h30-17h
• Friday, 17h-18h30

You may take the coming days to assemble a group for your assignments. Enrolment will start on Friday, Sept. 20, 15h35, after our class. Please note that the registration is done through Fenix. You don't enrol individually but as a group (with 2 to 3 elements). If, in the meantime, you do not find a group, please subscribe anyway as a "group" with a single element. 

Many thanks once again!!

Francisco e Alexandre