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1st Exam - Marks

17 Janeiro 2020, 01:08 Francisco Correia dos Santos

Dear Network Science students,

Please find the marks of your 1st and 2nd projects in sections Project 1 and Project 2, respectively.  

The marks of yesterday's exam (see column, "1ª época") and the "Final" (provisory) marks of the course can also be found at the section "Marks". 

Please let us know if you find any error. Many thanks in advance. 

As you will see, the marks are fantastic. Congratulations to all! We are super happy with this outcome. Thank you for all your effort. This said, please remember that everyone is welcome for the 2nd exam. We will only consider the best mark. 

We will be available on Monday (Jan 27) for anything you need (15h, room 01, Building "Informática III", next to the computer science dep. central services). In the meantime, good luck with all the other exams!

Best wishes,
Francisco & Alexandre

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10 Janeiro 2020, 15:40

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