Notas de Exame de Época Especial

1 Setembro 2020, 15:24 Cláudia Antunes

Estão disponíveis as notas dos exames na secção Grades, e a correção do exame na secção Support Material.

Época Especial

31 Agosto 2020, 11:23 Cláudia Antunes

The exam will be on Tagus - room 0.9, for all students. It is going to start at 8:30 and be finished  by 10:30.

See you tomorrow.

Época Especial

18 Fevereiro 2020, 12:22 Cláudia Antunes

Students who have the right to make the exam in July have to register to it as usual through Secretaria.

The final grade is the same as before, including the exam and the project.

The exam will cover all the topics as previously, and students are not allowed to use any supporting tools, including calculators or formulas. It is scheduled to September 1st, to start at 8 o'clock and has a duration of 2 hours (hour to be confirmed).

The project follows the 'same' description, but with two new datasets. The datasets are published in Project section and its final report has to be submitted by September 7th

Students are encouraged to work in groups of 3 students, but individual or groups of 2 are also allowed. If you need help on finding teammates let us know. In order to deliver the report you need to have to enrol your group (even if you are working alone), as usual.

Students that had the minimum grade on the project, only need to do the exam, and vice-versa.

NEW: Students without group can use the Forum to find colleagues.

Publicação de Notas

5 Fevereiro 2020, 13:16 Cláudia Antunes

Final grades to be submitted tomorrow. Any claim has to be issued today.

Final grades submission

3 Fevereiro 2020, 16:54 Cláudia Antunes

The grades are going to be submitted next Thursday. Any reclaim has to be made before Wednesday. After this date, we are not able to change anything.

Thank you.