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Presentation registration

28 Abril 2020, 20:13 Francisco Manuel Da Silva Lemos

The doodle for the registration for the presentation is available by the link below.

Each group can choose the day for presentation and up to 5 groups can register for each day.

Registration must be done by a single group member, indicating the name of, at least, one element of the group.

It is advisable that the group contacts the tutor before choosing the date as, although not strictly mandatory, it is advisable that the tutor is present.

Registration must be made by the end of May 6.

The final calendar with the time for the presentations will be published on the course webpage at Fénix.

Doodle link: https://doodle.com/poll/un3zhvrt58mwethw

Remote Classes

16 Março 2020, 00:58

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Francisco Manuel Da Silva Lemos



Maria Amélia Lemos



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