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DFAIEP2007 > DFAIEP2007 > 3º Ciclo > Gestão da Produção > Produção Magra

DEALIT2007 > DEALIT2007 > 3º Ciclo > Gestão da Produção > Produção Magra



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Carga Horária

1º Semestre

2.0 h/semana

138.0 h/semestre


Development of lean thinking skills Capability to use tools and techniques that support the design and the continuous improvement of lean manufacturing systems


Addressing forces driving lean / six sigma processes. Lean thinking Variance reduction and design of experiments Team-based Work systems In-station process control Total Productive maintenance Synchronous material flow, Value stream mapping, Knowledge and information flow, Pull-based systems, Enterprise alignment Addressing some of the important issues involved with the planning, development, and implementation of lean enterprises. People, technology, process, and management dimensions of an effective lean manufacturing company considered in a unified framework. Integration of lean principles/dimensions across the entire enterprise, including product development, production and the extended supply chain.

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