SEMINAR | Advances and new technologies in rock drilling and blasting

13 Maio 2022, 11:16 Elisa do Nascimento Pires Costa

Seminar 19th of May 9:30 at Room I3, Mining Building, Técnico

Rock blasting objectives. Trends in the use of explosives and accessories. New technologies in drilling, explosives loading and evaluating the results of blasting. Optimization of the blasting plan. Case studies.

Prof. Jair Carlos Koppe

Graduated in Geology (1977) and in Mining Engineering (1979), Msc in Soil Mechanics (1982), Dr. in Geosciences (1990). Visiting Scientist at the University of Western Ontario (Canada,1986) and Post-doc at The University of Queensland (Australia, 1997-1998). Professor of the Geology course at UNISINOS (1979/1985). Professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Mining Engineering course (1980-2011) and at the Postgraduate Program in Mining, Metallurgical and Materials - PPGE3M/UFRGS. Currently working as a Guest Professor at PPGE3M, advising master's and doctoral students and developing research projects. He taught, among others, courses on Rock Mechanics Drill and Blasting, Surface Mining Planning, Slope Stability. He has published more than 300 papers in international congresses, national congresses and national and international journals. He is currently a consultant for companies such as VALE S.A, MOSAIC Fertilizantes do Brasil, ENGIE, Great Panther, Equinox, COPELMI

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Webinar Series in Spatial Data Science

17 Maio 2021, 11:58 Elisa do Nascimento Pires Costa

De 26 de maio a 23 de junho de 2021, quartas-feiras às 12h30, realizar-se-á uma série de “Webinars in Spatial Data Science …think spatially about your data science problems”, promovida pelo CERENA em parceria com o INESC-ID, que se discrimina a seguir.

A participação é livre e gratuita, mas está sujeita a inscrição prévia. O link do Zoom será enviado posteriormente por e-mail.

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