XIV Annual Meeting
Biomedical Engineering

Special topic: Neuroengineering

Friday, 7th October 2916, 14-17H

Salão Nobre, Instituto Superior Técnico

14H00 Opening 
Professor Arlindo Oliveira (President of Técnico) 
Professor Joaquim Sampaio Cabral (President of the Department of Bioengineering) 
Professor Patrícia Figueiredo (Técnico)

Professor Jacinto Monteiro (Faculdade de Medicina) 

14H15 Film presentation about the Master in Biomedical Engineering 
Association of Biomedical Engineering Students of Técnico (NEBM) 

14H30 Presentation of the Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering 
Student Delegates of the Doctoral Program in Biomedical Engineering 

14H45 Presentation of the topic of the Keynote lecture 
Professor Fernando Lopes da Silva 
(Emeritus Professor of the Center of Neuroscience, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences) 

15H00 Keynote lecture: Toward Cognitive Integration of Prosthetic Devices 
Professor José Carlos Príncipe 
(Distinguished Professor, BellSouth Teacher, Director of Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory, University of Florida) 

16H00 Coffee break: Socializing and networking

All are welcome. Free entry.