Field Trip to the Primary Care Center

29 Fevereiro 2020, 00:32 Mário Gaspar da Silva

I can now confirm the first trip to the Sete Rios Health Center on Friday, March 6 (contingent on announcements by the Health Authority related to the covid-19 outbreak).

Students who can't understand Portuguese will not benefit from this visit, because we'll be most of the time observing how patients are handled on the s-clinico system. I advise those students to use the time to use that Friday for other activities, like reviewing other material related to the topic of the course. 

However, I should say that everyone is welcome to come. Speakers with moderate understanding (e.g. fluent in Spanish)  have joined the group in the past and stated that they could get most of what was being said and found the visit useful (in particular to train their ear on Português :-).

Meeting point: lobby of the Sete Rios Medical Centre Sete Rios is a major transportation hub in Lisbon, served by metro, train, buses, about 20min away from IST.