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MAP45, Projects and Presentations

14 Outubro 2022, 12:56 Paulo António Firme Martins

Dear Students,


Please take note of the following information:

1. Mid-term assessment MAP45

The mid-term assessment MAP45 will take place on Monday 31st of October at 8:00h (room Q4.2). The assessment will cover the following topics: (i) Plasticity theory, (ii) Forging, (iii) Shearing, (iv) Deep Drawing and (v) Metal Cutting.


2. Projects

The templates for writing the project report and for preparing the oral presentation are available at the internet page of the course.

The deadline for delivering the projects is Friday 4th of November (17:00h).

The oral presentation of the projects will take place on the mornings of Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th of November according to a schedule that will be provided in due time.

The deadline for delivering the power point presentations is Sunday 6th of November (17:00h).

Both projects and power point presentations must be supplied as .pdf files to the following e-mail (pmartins@tecnico.ulisboa.pt).

No projects and power point presentations will be accepted after the corresponding deadlines.


Kind Regards,

Paulo Martins


16 Agosto 2022, 12:52

Corpo Docente

Paulo António Firme Martins



João Pedro da Fonseca Matos Pragana