Recovery tests hours

27 Janeiro 2017, 09:56 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal

The recovery tests will be at the following times and places:


Monday, January 30th, 2017


Alameda (at room V1.17)

08:15-09:15 Test 1 Recovery

09:30-10:30 Test 2 Recovery


Taguspark (at room 0-25)

08:30-09:30 Test 1 Recovery

09:45-10:45 Test 2 Recovery


Please note the different times in different campi.

Each student should should attend the campus where s/he enrolled for the test.


Because of the time differences between campi, no students will be allowed to leave the test room before the full hour.

Note: IST services have informed us that due to the tests / exams, on January 30, there will be an extra bus at

7:15 and another at 12:10.